Audacity: 自由而免费的声音编辑器和录音软件




There is no technical support by email or telephone. Most questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), documentation, and the additional Tutorials and Tips on the Audacity Wiki. All these resources are searchable using the search box top right of this page.

如果仍需要帮助,可在论坛寻求专家的帮助 Audacity Forum. 视障人员应该在audacity4blind 邮件列表获取帮助。

要想在论坛上提出问题,请先注册, 确认注册然后登录。选择合适的子版块 (如, Audacity 2.X 论坛的 "Windows"版块),点击左上角的 "New Topic",然后提交您的问题。非英语支持可从几个 在线论坛获得,包括 Audacity 国际论坛

在 Audacity 论坛提问请给出足够的信息。在 这里加入 Audacity 论坛您可以获得更多帮助

Suggestions, Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Pull Requests/Patches

您可以 email us about any Audacity matter, but not for technical support - this is provided on the Audacity Forum. Please write in English language only. Please tell us your experiences of the Audacity program, documentation or website. We particularly welcome the following:

Bug报告: 请在报告Bug检查您使用的 Audacity 2.x 版的发布说明已提交漏洞。现在已经不处理 1.2 或 1.3 版的Bug - 请更新至最新版 Audacity。

Please include the following information. This is important.

  1. The exact three-section version number of Audacity (for example, 2.0.0) - you can check this at Help > About Audacity, or Audacity > About Audacity on Mac
  2. Your operating system (for example, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Intel Mac OS X 10.9.5)
  3. Details of what you were trying to do, including what steps led to the problem occurring, and the text of any error messages.
  4. If possible, please include the "" file which you can generate for us at Help > Generate Support Data.... If there is a crash, Audacity will normally offer to generate this zip file before exiting.

Git Pull Requests and Patches: We welcome Git pull requests if you can offer us a fix for a known bug or a new or enhanced feature. Also see Submitting Patches on Audacity Wiki for an alternative way of offering code improvements.


订阅我们的 邮件列表 参与社区用户及开发者的讨论。C++开发者们:请加入 我们的开发者列表 学习Audacity源码,并为它添砖加瓦!