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Audacity-forum voor vragen of problemen

There is no technical support by email or telephone. Most questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), documentation, and the additional Tutorials and Tips on the Audacity Wiki. All these resources are searchable using the search box top right of this page.

Als u nog steeds hulp nodig heeft, dan is bijstand door experts beschikbaar op het Audacity-forum. Slechtziende gebruikers kunnen hulp vragen bij de audacity4blind-maillijst.

To post a question on the Forum, register, confirm your registration then log in. Choose the correct subforum (for example, "Windows" in the Audacity 2.x Help Forum), click "New Topic" top left, then submit your message. Help in other languages can be obtained from various online forums including the Audacity International Forums.

Geef altijd voldoende informatie wanneer u vragen stelt op het Audacity forum. U kunt meer hulp krijgen door lid te worden en gebruik te maken van het Audacity-forum hier.

Suggestions, Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Pull Requests/Patches

U kunt email us about any Audacity matter, but not for technical support - this is provided on the Audacity Forum. Please write in English language only. Please tell us your experiences of the Audacity program, documentation or website. We particularly welcome the following:

Foutrapporten: raadpleeg de release notes voor uw specifieke versie van Audacity 2.0 en fouten rapporteren voordat u een rapport aanmaakt. We repareren niet langer fouten in versie 1.2 of 1.3 - upgrade daarom naar de laatste 2.0 versie van Audacity.

Please include the following information. This is important.

  1. The exact three-section version number of Audacity (for example, 2.0.0) - you can check this at Help > About Audacity, or Audacity > About Audacity on Mac
  2. Your operating system (for example, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Intel Mac OS X 10.9.5)
  3. Details of what you were trying to do, including what steps led to the problem occurring, and the text of any error messages.
  4. If possible, please include the "" file which you can generate for us at Help > Generate Support Data.... If there is a crash, Audacity will normally offer to generate this zip file before exiting.

Git Pull Requests and Patches: We welcome Git pull requests if you can offer us a fix for a known bug or a new or enhanced feature. Also see Submitting Patches on Audacity Wiki for an alternative way of offering code improvements.


Schrijf u in bij onze maillijsten om Audacity te bespreken met onze community van gebruikers en ontwikkelaars. C++ ontwikkelaars, sluit u aan bij onze lijst van ontwikkelaars om te leren over de Audacity-broncode en bij te dragen om Audacity nog beter te maken!