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Open HUB (formerly known as "Ohloh") has statistics on the value of Audacity development. The Open HUB "badge" at the bottom of each page on this site shows updated summary values. The statistics are set up by us to show only the values of Audacity-specific development, excluding the third-party code libraries Audacity uses. Searchable commit listings are produced every 10 days.

Mailing Lists

Join the audacity-devel mailing list to discuss current and future development, or to get help modifying the Audacity source code.


You can get the latest Audacity code from our Git repository.

Our Git repository has an atom feed. You can also look at our Git work in progress.

Compiling Audacity

Bug Tracking

The Audacity developers use bugzilla to track bugs and enhancements. To find issues to work on, please view our categorized Bug Lists.

If you are a user reporting a new bug, please email our feedback address.

Git Pull Requests and Patches

We welcome Git pull requests from developers. Also see Submitting Patches on the Audacity Wiki for an alternative way of offering us code improvements.