Audacity: Free Sound Editor and Recording Software

Chính Sách Quảng Cáo

Bị Cuốn Hút

Audacity is free software, developed by volunteers. Here's how you can contribute your time to the Audacity project:

Người Dùng

Give us suggestions or bug reports, join the Audacity user community and help other users.

Nhà Phát Triển

Audacity is written in C++. Our website is written in PHP. If you can help in either regard, we welcome you. To get started, join the audacity-devel mailing list, then tell us what you're interested in and ask questions.

Documenters and Testers

We welcome documentation and other contributions. For documentation, see our Help page. For testing, join the audacity-quality mailing list.

Dịch Giả

If you are fluent in both English and another language, you can help translate the Audacity software and Manual. We also need people to help provide support for Audacity in different languages.

We also welcome donations to support Audacity development.