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August 14, 2006: The Audacity Store Is Open

You are invited to try out the new Audacity Store, which features Audacity-logo items (T-shirts, embroidered polo shirts, embroidered messenger bags), and consumer electronics.

Audacity Store

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New Releases on the Way

Also, we will soon release updates to both the stable 1.2.x and development 1.3.x lines. The new 1.3.x version will be 1.3.2 -- no official 1.3.1 because there are lots of changes and several unofficial 1.3.1 builds have already been posted. Major changes in the 1.3.2 release include:

Preliminary Intel Mac Support
pre-release builds at
Dependencies dialog
lets user see dependencies of project on other files, and copy audio data directly into the project
Crash Recovery
automatically saved data makes recovery fast and easy
New Repair Effect
smooths corrupted waveforms
UI Changes
themes (custom user interfaces), new toolbar docking features, new time-specification controls, increased accessibility support, history window changes, lots more
Selection Bar Improvements
increased control and bug fixes
Equalization Effect Improvements
better layout of Graphic EQ, faster animation of curve, increased control
Many More LADSPA effects for Windows
most LADSPA effects now ported to Windows
Numerous Bug Fixes
fixes to hotkeys, directories, Portable Audacity, crashes, etc.

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